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Russian customer procurement: Russian customers purchase the required goods in the Chinese market to meet their own needs. Generally, large agency companies purchase the required products, and Haitong International is an export enterprise integrating transportation and trade.

Purchasing Process

Purchase Price
1. The procurement department of our company organizes the needs of the "purchase requisition (outsourcing)" according to the needs of the "purchase requisition (outsourcing)", according to the quotations of the suppliers, and with reference to the market conditions and past inquiry records, and makes inquiries to more than three suppliers by telephone (fax). . Except under special circumstances, it should be indicated in the "purchase requisition (outsourcing)". On this basis, price comparison, analysis and negotiation are carried out.
2. When the specifications of the requisitioned materials are complicated, the purchasing department should attach the main specifications of the materials reported by each supplier and sign the comments, and then transfer it to the purchasing department for confirmation.


Purchase Approval
1. After the price comparison and negotiation are completed, the purchasing department fills in the "purchase requisition", formulates the "ordering manufacturer", "scheduled shipment date", etc., together with the manufacturer's quotation, and sends it to the purchasing department for approval according to the procurement approval procedure.
2. Approval authority: specify which level of supervisor approves or approves the amount below a certain amount and above.
3. After the purchase project is approved, the purchase quantity and amount are changed, and the purchase requisition department must re-apply for approval according to the procedures required by the new situation. However, if the changed approval authority is lower than the original approval authority, the original procedure is still applied for approval.

Goods Order
1. After the "purchase requisition (outsourcing)" is submitted for approval and transferred back to the purchasing department, it will order from the supplier and go through various procedures.
2. If it is necessary to sign a long-term contract with a supplier, the purchasing department should submit the long-term contract signed and drafted on its behalf, and handle it after submitting it for approval according to the procurement approval procedure.


Progress Control
1. The purchasing department controls the progress of outsourcing operations according to the "purchase requisition (outsourcing)" and "purchase control table".
2. When the operation progress is delayed, the purchasing department should take the initiative to issue a "progress abnormal response sheet", indicating the abnormal cause and countermeasures, so as to revise the progress and notify the purchasing department.
3. Once the purchasing department finds that there is a delay in outsourcing, it should take the initiative to contact the supplier to urge the delivery, and open a "progress abnormal response sheet" to indicate the abnormal cause and countermeasures, notify the purchasing department, and follow the purchasing department's opinion. handle.

Transportational Process

1. When the goods purchasing department completes the purchase, the goods must be delivered to our warehouse according to the specified time.
2. The warehouse staff will take over, check and count the quantity before completing the procurement handover.
3. Our company declares and handles customs clearance related procedures according to the relevant information and documents of the goods.
4. Our company will transport the purchased goods to the destination according to the pre-negotiated shipping address and notify the expected arrival time of the goods in advance, so that the customer can pick up the goods to complete the goods transportation process.

Note: For the expenses incurred during the transportation, please refer to the relevant agreement of our transportation.

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