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As a country with good neighborliness and friendship with China, Russia has a lot of trade exchanges with my country. Driven by the "One Belt, One Road" policy, relevant economic policies have been gradually implemented in depth, the trade exchanges between the two sides have developed rapidly, and the demand for import and export trade has increased year by year. The bilateral transportation industry in the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries has developed rapidly. Haitong International specializes in transportation and focuses on transportation. Since its establishment, the company has carried a large number of goods.

The main categories

  • Machinery and its components: filling machines, drills, oil pumps, balers, cards...
  • Stainless steel products: stainless steel mesh, stainless steel utensils, stainless steel nails, stainless steel plates...
  • Kitchen supplies: bowls, plates, spatulas, pots, seasoning bottles...
  • Bamboo and wood products: bamboo tubes, bamboo baskets, bamboo mats, bamboo crafts...
  • Cleaning supplies: brushes, scouring pads, brooms...
  • Plastic products: plastic bags, plastic gloves, plastic molds, plastic bottles...
  • Glassware, ceramic products: glass cups, glass bottles, candle holders, ceramic cups, ceramic crafts...
  • Bathroom Amenities: Shower Curtains, Shower Caps, Bathroom Mats, Shelves...
  • Household appliances: audio equipment, electric cooker, hair dryer, electric kettle...
  • Lamp series: LED ceiling lamp, stage lamp, table lamp...
  • Fishing gear: fishing line, fishing rod, fishing net, bait
  • Outdoor furniture: outdoor folding chairs, outdoor camping folding tables, outdoor racks
  • Holiday gifts: Christmas pendants, Christmas trees, crystal ornaments, colorful string lights, landscape decorations
  • Bags, Toys and Other Goods



The types of vehicles currently owned by our company: flatbed trucks, special vehicles, low-plate trucks and lifting equipment, etc. for your use, skilled in transporting large-scale cargo logistics operations such as mechanical and electrical equipment, construction machinery, and planning reasonable plans and planning routes in advance And the goal to ensure that you save time, money, and effort, so that your goods and properties can be delivered to the destination in a safer and more timely manner! For every transportation, Haitong will serve you wholeheartedly as always.

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