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In order to respond to the national development strategy and meet the needs of the market and customers, Haitong International has strengthened the operation and organization of trains and provided customers with professional railway transportation services with stable timeliness, safe transportation and punctual departures. 

Route Details

All railways: national loading - (block train) - Moscow (customs clearance) - destination

Transportation Time

The whole container arrives in Russia in about 45-55 days.

Transportation Expenses

Based on consultation

Remarks: If there are major festivals in China and Russia and force majeure factors, the transportation time will be extended.

Insured price and compensation standard

Full iron cabinet
The value of the goods is between 100,000 and 600,000 yuan, and the compulsory insurance pays 50% of the value of the goods;
The value of goods is more than 600,000 yuan, and the compulsory insurance is 50,000 US dollars;
If the value of the goods provided by the customer is more than 5% higher than the market price, it will not be included in the reference value of our company's insurance and compensation, and will not be compensated.
1% of the insured value within US$150,000;
2% of the insured value within US$300,000;
The insured value is not accepted for goods with a value of more than 300,000 US dollars!

All iron cabinets
Compulsory insurance is $3 per kilogram,
The insured price is charged at 0.6% per kilogram of the value of less than 10 US dollars;
The insured price is charged 1% per kilogram of the value of less than 20 US dollars;
The insured price will be charged 2% per kilogram of the value of less than 30 US dollars;
The insured price is not accepted if the value of each kilogram exceeds 30 US dollars!
Customs declaration and tax refund

Customs Declaration and Tax Rebate

The company can provide customs declaration and tax rebate, and the customer can provide relevant information on customs declaration.

Relevant Information

Customs declaration, packing list, invoice, contract, customs declaration power of attorney, etc.

Transport Package

Due to the long transportation time of international transportation, and in order to prevent the goods from being damaged on the road, and at the same time to prevent the goods from getting wet, it is necessary to do waterproof packaging and wooden box packaging for the goods.
1. Machinery and equipment: wooden box packaging (wooden box + wrapping tape)
2. Fragile and anti-pressure: wooden frame packaging, pallets, fragile signs
3. Ordinary department store: waterproof packaging (covering woven bag + wrapping tape)

Reminder Of Arrival
There are dedicated personnel to provide tracking service throughout the whole process, update the status of the goods in real time, and when the goods arrive soon, our company will provide customers or manufacturers with the time and place of arrival in advance, so that customers have sufficient time to pick up the goods.

Prohibited Items
Medicines, health products, dangerous goods, and other liquid, powder goods, weight loss tea and other prohibited items are rejected

Advantageous Products
White customs clearance, fast speed, accurate aging

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